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KNU:Statement on SLORC's Name Chang

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Statement on SLORC's Name Change to SPDC

December 29, 1997.

On 15-11-97, the SLORC announced the change of its name to the State Peace and Development Council(SPDC). Our position on the matter is as follows:-

1. Conceived in 1958 and born in 1962, the military dictatorship led Gen. Ne Win has assumed various names such as the "Revolutionary Council", "BSPP", "SLORC" and now "SPDC". However, the essence, being rule of military dictatorship, has not changed. Now a period of 44 days has passed, but we have not seen any indication of change in the essential characters of the SPDC, because the regime under the new name continues in wage the war of terror against the ethnic nationalities, repress severely the NLD elected by the people and other democratic forces, and oppress the population by various means.

2. The ethnic nationalities, the people and the Buddhist monks as well as the democratic forces of Burma have sacrificed their blood, sweat and lives and continue to struggle for a great change in the political and economic systems. The change by the military dictatorship of its name from SLORC to SPDC cannot be a substitute for the change being struggled for. The SPDC, which has descended from SLORC should be deeply award of this fact.

3. As the present constitution with three aspects namely, the SPDC Council, Government and Advisory Board, based on 4 top officials of SLORC as the main pillars, as a renovation by the military dictators to adjust their interest and to make their organization relevant with them, we do not see any indications that there will be a change in ideological principles and policies, currently expected by the people made up of various ethnic nationalities. On the other hand, there are sings suggesting that we have to wait and see whether the present reorganization will bring about a reconciliation among the military dictators because, a new days after the reorganization, action was taken against 5 of the Advisory Board members and there were changes in membership of the cabinet.
	In conclusion, we, the KNU, have to say that the military dictatorship needs to make drastic changes, as demanded by the people, in matters of ideological principles, policies and programs, in conformity with its new name of the "State peace and Development Council". 

	Only then, the form and essence of the SPDC would coincide and the country would move towards peace and prosperity. The KNU would like to see the SPDC in this way.

However, we, the KNU would like to urge the oppressed ethnic nationalities, people of all walks of life and democratic forces not be swayed to illusion by the new name, the so-called SPDC, and new organizational structure of the military dictatorship, but to continue as well as raise the struggle for genuine political and economic changes, and the resolution of the political problem, justly, by political means.

Received from KIC, and posted by Information Department (FTUB)