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Statement Regarding the Current Cha

Statement Regarding the Current Changes of
the Political Situation in Burma

1) On 15, November 1997, dissolving the State Law and Order Restoration
Council (SLORC), so called the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC)
was established. Although military junta ostensibly mentioned that their
objective of the establishment of the SPDC are to emerge the democracy and
to bring about the modern society, not only positive and practicable changes
can not be seen but the life of the entire Burmese People in the arenas of
democracy and human rights, like in the SLORC's era, remained deteriorated.

2) SPDC committed the brutal crimes continuously as follows.
(a) Dr.Min Soe Min, MP of the Mon National League for Democracy, yeJ No.(1)
constituency was arrested on 6th November 1997,
(b) Authorities unlawfully confine the legal regular activities of the NLD's
inside movement in the NLD offices of MA-YAN-KONG, TA MAWE and AHLON township,
(c) On 18, December, 1997, Home minister of the SPDC Government intimidated
five men team of NLD leadership not to engage in the political activities of
a political party,
(d) Six and other seven members of the NLD are sentenced for six years and
eight years imprisonment respectively,
(e) Other eight members, including Daw San San, MP of the SAKE-KAN township,
who support Aung San Suu Kyi during her visit to township NLD offices are
arrested without distributing any information, and 
(f) Almost three thousand political prisoners, including more than one
thousand NLD activists, were continuously detained in several prisons spread
over the country.

3) By resorting to the arms of more than 3,000,000 soldiers, SPDC
continuously committed the crimes such as, intimidation, Genocide, Lunching
the military operation on the ethnic minorities, gang rapes, forced lobours,
forced occupancy of land and crops from farmers, forced relocations and
setting fires on the villages whose villagers were accused of being in
connection with rebel.

4) SPDC Chairman Senior General Than Shwe told the United Nation Secretary
General (UNSG) Mr.Kofe Ann that SPDC Government tried to initiate the
discussion with Daw Aung San Su Kyi. The NLD-LA strongly believed that if
the arrangement leading to a discussion with Daw Aung San Su Kyi were not
superficial and of the SPDC really wants to emerge the talks leading to the
genuine national reconciliation, the SPDC should create the minimum
democratic new atmosphere under which -
(1) nationwide case-fire agreement,
(2) unconditional release of all political prisoners and 
(3) Allowance of the legal political activities of a political party are
consummated at the time when dialogue come into existence.

    Central Executive Committee
National League for Democracy (Liberated Area)
29, December, 1997.


This is Burmese statement.

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1997 ckESpf/ 'DZifbmv (29) &uf?				         trsdK;om;'Drdkua&pDtzGJ?csKyf

|National League for Democracy (Liberated Area)|