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Information Sheets on BurmaNet (r)

Thank you for retaining the Myanmar Govt Information Sheets in the BurmaNet list.

	As you say, they do provide a sense of the SPDC's thinking and activities,
plus an "authorised" record of reshuffles etc.  I for one would certainly vote
for their retention (and inclusion in BurmaNet News according to news value).

	Gone are the days, I think, when the Burmese authorities expect their every
word to be treated as sacrosanct.  They are in the business of putting their
own side of the story, just like every other country or organization does, and
what they say is to be evaluated according to these criteria. 

	One way in which these statements are particularly valuable is that they are
checked at a very high level - so small variations in wording from one week to
the next can sometimes by quite useful indicators of changes in policy that
might be in the wind.

	Wishing a happy New Year to you all - Derek Brooke-Wavell