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Information Sheets on BurmaNet

Dear BurmaNet readers,

Some readers would like burmanet-l to stop carrying the Information Sheets
produced by the Burmese military regime's DDSI (Directorate of Defense
Services Intelligence). While BurmaNet feels that much of the news in the
Information Sheets and selected articles from the New Light of Myanmar is
not useful and in some cases consists of outright lies,
the postings do give a sense of the junta's thinking and activities.  

Internet lists are meant to be a place where a variety of views and news
sources can be posted.  Readers who don't want to bother with the junta's
postings can delete them without reading them. Or they can switch to our
other list, burmanews-l, which carries only the BurmaNet News.

to switch:      send a message to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxx
                in the message write: unsubscribe burmanet-l

                send a 2nd message to majordomo@xxxxxxxxxxx
                in the message write: subscribe burmanews-l

With best regards for the New Year,

BurmaNet Editor