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Archaeology in Burma

Greetings to all,

I'm very new to BurmaNet, so I apologize if the questions I ask have been
answered before.  

First: Which name, Burma or Myanmar, is considered to be the more correct? 
Based on the name "BurmaNet" I'm assuming "Burma" is preferred, but news
agencies seem to use both interchangeably.

Second: Is there much legitimate archaeology taking place in Burma, and
what is your position on Archaeological work by foreigners in Burma?  By
"legitimate" I mean true research as opposed to black-market thievery.

Only recently have I begun to learn about the incredible history, cultures,
and architecture of Burma / Myanmar. I've worked on archaeological projects
Mexico (1992), Chile (1993 and 1995) and the United States (where I live). 
Most of these have been through the EarthWatch Organization.  These have
been much more rewarding than the standard tourist experience.  I would
like very much to do some volunteer archaeological work in Burma, but not
that is discouraged by groups like Free Burma.  Please give me your
on this issue.  Also, if acceptable, please let me know if you are aware of
any archaeology projects planned for 1998 that could use a hard working

Thank you in advance for any information or guidance that you can provide.

George P. Baker