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Rumors in Rangoon indicates that the RGH staff did recognize former 
minister very well. 
They did not treat him not because of the money, but because they 
remembered him. Sad past.  

>Bangkok Post(27/12/1997)Saturday
>Exild students said yesterday that a former Burmese health minister who 
>mistreated wounded protesters during the 1988 uprising died after a 
>hospital refused to admit him because he had no money.
>The All Burma Students Democratic Front, based in Bangkok, said Htun 
>Wai, former minister of health, was struck by a hit-and-run driver on 
>August 11 in Rangoon.
>Htun Wai was refused treatment because there were no family members to 
>guarantee medical bills would paid, and hospital staff did not recognise 
>The students did not cite a source or explain why the incident came to  
>light several months later.
>They said Htun Wai shackled pro-democracy protesters to their beds in 
>1988 and refused to treat them. (AP)