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Free U Win Tin, Ma Thida and all ot (r)

In a message dated 97-12-27 15:02:47 EST, you write:

<< Dear Brothers and Sisters:
 SLORC authorities are taking full liberty in expressing their unjust and
 unfair views in burmanet and maykha media while they are severely
 oppressing our native writers and newsmen inside Burma.  Saya Thaw Ka
 already passed away as a consequence.
 Unless our prisoners of conscience like Saya U Win Tin, Ma Thida are freed
 from illegal imprisonment and allowed to exercise their freedom of
 expression which is a fundamental right for every democracy-loving people
 of the world, SLORC must not be given a free passage into our electronic
 news media. 
 This is what the EU countries are doing in the case of Burmese regime's
 creeping into the international community as a pretender of legally-elected
 government.  Not allowing SLORC to stage its unfair and unjust views on our
 medias is moral, political and professional issue.
 Hence, I again confirm my vote against Okkar's posting of news from
 [divine] Authority Concerned.
 Your active participation in fulfilling this moral obligation will forever
 be greatly remembered by the oppressed people of Burma.
 Myo Thant >>

Remarkbale short-sightedness. If you stop SPDC's news what will happen?

(1) You won't get the opposite side's news and the opposite side will still be
     getting your news. Do you know how many people from the opposite side
     have already subscribed to BurmaNet, MAYKHA, Free Burma and etc...
     There are not less than 10 Myanmar Embassies that have e-mail access
     and I don't know how many people subscribed your lists. 

(2) Myanmar list is inviting everyone regardless of pro-SPDC or activists to
     your news and views. Not a single posted messages will be left out. If
you try to
     stop SPDC news in your lists, the World will think that you are more
     minded than SPDC.

(3) If you stop SPDC news in you lists, Myanmar-list will be the only source
     which SPDC news will be avilable automatically and many of your
     who want to read that news will subscribe Myanmar-list and that list will
     more efficiently..

     These are my instant thoughts. Comments are welcomed.