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BMA Announcement.

Burma Medical Association (BMA) 

Dear Fellow Medical Professionals,

It was decided during the BMA Executive Committee meeting, that with the
situation changes in the liberated area. BMA will have to be restructured
again to more realistically and effectively. The time has come for all the
medical professionals (Doctors, Medics, Health workers, Lab technicians
etc), from different Ethnic groups and Democratic Forces, both within the
liberated area and abroad, to join hands and work in harmony, to realize the
noble BMA objectives. BMA was formed soon after the National Health
Convention, convened in Manerplaw, by the National Coalition Government of
the Union of Burma, in June 1991.

The medical professionals from different Ethnic groups and Democratic Forces
are warmly invited to become members of the BMA to enhance the work of BMA,
for the sack of our people.

Applications are available at Dr. Cynthia Maung place, the Vice-Chairman of BMA.

For further information, please directly communicate with the
under-mentioned contact persons and address.

Executive Committee

Contact persons and address:

Dr. Cynthia Maung (Vice-Chairman) E-mail. win7@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
K-Myo Minn Aung (Information)	E-mail. win5@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

P.O Box 21,
Mae Sot, Tak 63110