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                                   INFORMATION SHEET

                 No. A.0259(I)                          24th December, 1997

(1)		Myanmar-Singapore Ministerial-Level Work Committee Helps 
		Develop Myanmar's Economic and Technical Sectors

		A meeting was held on 23 December to coordinate progress in 
implementing projects which were laid down by Myanmar-Singapore Ministerial-
Level Work Committee meetings. A committee was formed in 1993 for development
of Myanmar-Singapore trade and investment. Singapore-Myanmar Ministerial-Level
Work Committee was formed with the participation of ministers and high-level
officials of Singapore to realize the aims. Similarly, Myanmar-Singapore
Ministerial-Level Work Committee was also formed in Myanmar with the
Secretary-1 and ministers as members. Myanmar-Singapore Ministerial-Level
Joint Work Committee meetings have been held once each in Myanmar and
Singapore. Many business sectors in Myanmar including tourism, agriculture,
livestock and fisheries, human resources development, economic and trade could
be implemented in accord with the decisions of the meetings. Pilot projects
are being implemented to transfer knowhow to Myanmar.
(2)		Myanmar Industrialists Association Holds Fourth Annual Meeting

		Myanmar Industrialists Association held its fourth annual meeting at the
International Business Centre on 23 December.
(3)		YMCA Pre-Christmas Ceremony

		YMCA held a pre-Christmas ceremony, on 23 December evening at Golden
Butterfly Hotel, praising the virtues of Jesus Christ. Minister for Religious
Affairs Maj-Gen Sein Htwa delivered an address, elaborating on loving
kindness, which is included in the teachings of all religions. YMCA members
sang hyms and carols praising the virtues of Jesus Christ. Chairman of YMCA
extended greetings, it is learnt.
(4)		ASEAN Home Affairs Ministerial Meeting

		Minister for Home Affairs Col Tin Hlaing attended Home Affairs Ministerial
Meeting of ASEAN countries held in Manila, the Philippines from 19 to 20
December. President Fidel Ramos of the Philippines formally opened and
addressed the meeting. It was attended by Ministers for Home Affairs of ASEAN
countries, Deputy Ministers and Deputy Secretary-General of ASEAN. Promotion
of cooperation among nations for effective control of illicit drug trafficking
in the region, money laundering, terrorism, arms and man trafficking and
piracy, exchange of news, closer cooperation with international organizations
including the UN and other organizations in ASEAN and drafting of project in
cooperation with senior officials were discussed and joint communique was
released, it is learnt.
(5)		Myanmar Admitted As Full Member To BIMST-EC

		At the Ministerial Meeting of the BIMST-EC, the Signing Ceremony for the
Admission of the Union of Myanmar to the BIMST-EC as a full member State was
held on 22 December, attended by heads of diplomatic missions and
international organizations based in Bangkok, responsible officials from the
Royal Thailand government, Ambassador of Myanmar to Thailand, members of the
delegations of the member States of BIMST-EC and the press and media. The
Declaration on the Admission of the Union of Myanmar and renaming of BIST-EC
to BIMST-EC was signed by the Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the five
member States and afterwards statements were delivered by the Deputy Ministers
of the members States. At the Special Ministerial Meeting member States agreed
to cooperate in the sectors of trade and investment, transport and
communications, energy, tourism and fisheries. A joint statement was issued at
the conclusion of the meeting. The Deputy Ministers of the member States of
BIMST-EC were received by the Prime Minister of Thailand
Mr Chuan Leekpai in the afternoon on 22 December 1997 and by the Minister of 
Foreign Affairs Mr Surin Pitsuwan in the evening on the same day. The Second 
Ministerial Meeting of the BIMST-EC is scheduled to be held in Dhaka,
Bangladesh by the end of 1998.
(6)		Drug Seizures

		(a)	On 11 December an infantry column patrolling near a village called Kaun-
Kwe in the Eastern Shan States found 470.8 Kilos of Amphetamine Base packed in
(308) plastic bags and hidden under a pile of fire wood near a deserted hut.
		(b)	On 18 December (17800) Methamphetamine tablets were seized at a custom
inspection check point at the town of Naung-Cho in North Eastern Shan State.
Legal action will be taken against the carrier and further investigation is
going on, it is learnt.