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On Wed, 24 Dec 1997 owner-myanmar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>                                     INFORMATION SHEET
>                      No.A0256(I).                    22 Dec.1997
> (5)		Beware of Credibility-Gap-Induced " Information Sheets "
> 		Credibility-Gap-Induced  " Information Sheets " are being
put into the
> Internet (scb) and also being sent out my Mail in the United States with the
> aim of tarnishing the authentic " Information Sheets ", it is learnt.	
> 				*********************	

Please clarify.  A number of observers have asked for years for basic
standards of credibility to be followed by those issuing what they call
"Information Sheets."  These sheets are produced by whom?  Questions
regarding the accuracy and credibility of the information contained
therein can be addressed to whom?  What supporting documentation exists
for the "Information" in the "Sheets?"  

Until these questions are answered, the credibility of the so-called
"Information Sheets" is extremely low (note the recent false claim
regarding supposed conflicts at high levels of the elected National League
for Democracy).

This having been said, it is difficult for observers to give less
credibility to other equally unattributed, unaccountable, unsupported
statements that are labelled "Information Sheets."