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NEWS - Over 926 Kg of Drugs Seized

Over 926 Kg of Drugs Seized in Myanmar


               YANGON (Dec. 22) XINHUA - A total of
               926.69 kilograms (kg) of narcotic drugs,
               including 356 kg of opium and 89 kg of
               heroin, were seized by the Myanmar
               authorities in the country from December 1
               to 15, according to an official Information
               Sheet Monday. 

               The seizure, made by the anti-narcotic
               task force in various states and divisions,
               also included 2,046,552 tablets of
               Methamphetamine (stimulant drug), the
               Information Sheet added. 

               In November, the Myanmar authorities
               confiscated 1,213 kg of narcotic drugs
               including 394 kg of heroin in the country,
               according to an earlier official report.