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On 20 Dec 1997 OKKAR66127@xxxxxxx wrote:

>                            INFORMATION   SHEET 
>               No.A.0255(I)                     21 Dec.1997
> (4)		More Freighters to be Served Promptly with Opening of 
> 		Ahlon Wharf No.2
>  		The soft opening of Ahlon Wharf No 2 jointly undertaken by
Myanma Port
> Authority and Asia World Co Ltd on a mutually beneficial basis took place at
> the wharf in Kwinchaung, Ahlon Township on 20 December. Ahlon Wharf No 2
> located near Kwinchaung, Ahlon Township, will offer services including freight
> handling, ship maintenance and storage of goods. There is a Customs yard in
> the compound of the wharf. The wharf, 156 metres long, 19.5 metres wide and 16
> metres high, has three pontoon bridges, each 25 metres long and 9.5 metres
> wide. It also has berths for ship with a draught of 9 metres carrying goods
> weighing up to 15,000 tons.

Asia World Co. is chaired by narco-trafficker Lo Hsing Han.  This wharf
project illustrates exactly the partnership between SPADCO/SLORC and the
drug lords that the world community abhores.  Mock drug seizures and
bonfires have been more in NLM lately, but the real story is the seamless
transportation system, now controlled by Lo and Khun Sa, that runs from
drug-producing areas direct to international shipping.  

Face it.  This is a narco-dictatorship at war with its neighbors and the
rest of the world, shipping ever larger quantities of cheaper and purer
heroin to the youth of many countries.  

Note:  Last weekend in Vancouver, BC there were SEVEN heroin deaths in 24
hours because a new batch of high purity SPADCO heroin hit the streets.
Was it shipped out from Ahlon Wharf Number 2?