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                           INFORMATION   SHEET 

              No.A.0255(I)                     21 Dec.1997
(1)		Reassignment of Ministers
		The State Peace and Development Council has reassigned duties to the
following ministers as the ministers of the ministries shown against each

		(A)	Minister of National Planning and Economic Development 
			Brig-Gen Abel to Office of the Chairman of State Peace and 					
Development Council.
		(B)	Minister of Co-operatives U Than Aung to Ministry of Education.
		(C)	Minister of Energy U Khin Maung Thein to Ministry of Finance 				
and Revenue.
		(D)  Minister of Finance and Revenue Brig-Gen Win Tin to Ministry 				
of Communications, Posts and Telegraphs.
		(E)	Minister of Education U Pan Aung to Ministry of Rail Transportation.
		(F)	Minister of Communications, Posts and Telegraph U Soe Tha to 				
Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development.
		(G)	Minister of Rail Transportation U Win Sein to Ministry of Culture.
		(H)	Minister of Culture U Aung San to Ministry of Cooperatives.
(2)		Appointment of Minister

		The State Peace and Development Council has appointed Brig-Gen 
Lun Thi as Minister for Energy.
(3)		Reassignment of Deputy Minister

		The State Peace and Development Council has reassigned duty of Deputy
Minister for Mines U Hlaing Win as Deputy Minister for Science and Technology.
(4)		More Freighters to be Served Promptly with Opening of 
		Ahlon Wharf No.2

		The soft opening of Ahlon Wharf No 2 jointly undertaken by Myanma Port
Authority and Asia World Co Ltd on a mutually beneficial basis took place at
the wharf in Kwinchaung, Ahlon Township on 20 December. Ahlon Wharf No 2
located near Kwinchaung, Ahlon Township, will offer services including freight
handling, ship maintenance and storage of goods. There is a Customs yard in
the compound of the wharf. The wharf, 156 metres long, 19.5 metres wide and 16
metres high, has three pontoon bridges, each 25 metres long and 9.5 metres
wide. It also has berths for ship with a draught of 9 metres carrying goods
weighing up to 15,000 tons.
(5) 		Two Minibuses Presented to Myanmar Christian Service Council
		Enzer Electronics Pte Ltd presented two minibuses to Myanmar Christian
Serivce Council at Nawarat Concord Hotel on Insein Road on 20 December.
Present on the occasion were Minister for National Planning and Economic
Development Brig- Gen Abel, Deputy Minister Brig-Gen Zaw Tun, the Ambassador
of Singapore, Chairman Mr Boyd Au and officials of the company and priests.
(6)		91st YU Convocation Continues
		The second day programme of 91st convocation of Yangon University was held
at YU Convocation Hall on 20 December. Rector of YU Dr Tin Aung Aye conferred
M.Sc, M. Phil, Diploma, BSc (Hons), B.A. and B.Sc degrees on 1,579 graduates.
The convocation will continue on 21 December.
(7)		Thames Management Centre Holds First Certificate land Prize  Presentation

		The first certificate and prize presentation ceremony of Thames Management
Centre (Yangon) was held at Mya Yeik Nyo Royal Hotel on 20 December. The TMC
lectures on Business Administration, Marketing Management and Administrative
Management. Seventeen teachers teach 16 subjects to over 300 students. The
Centre is also due to open business English and General Proficiency English
courses soon.