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Junta scolds Opposition leaders at

Junta scolds Opposition leaders at a meeting

Rangoon: Dec: 19,

A senior Burmese Opposition member said on Friday the Opposition was
"scolded" at Thursday's meeting with the ruling military government.

Mr. Tin Oo, vice chairman of Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi's main Opposition
National League for Democracy, said the meeting on Thursday between
several members of the State Peace and Development Council and NLD
executive council members was meant to warm the NLD not to disrupt the
peace of the nation.

"I consider it merely a scolding," Mr. Tin Oo said. "They accused us of
disrupting peace by issuing announcements- but why can not we say that
our men are being arrested and sentenced without defence?"

Last week, the SPDC said it had sentenced seven NLD members, including
two who were elected into parliament in an annulled 1990 election, to
long prison terms. This enraged the NLD, which said the sentencing was
illegal because the government did not allow the accused to engage
lawyers. The NLD said they were merely acting as members of a legitimate
Opposition party. (Reuter)

The Asian Age
20th Dec: 1997.