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NEWS - Burma Seizes Big Hauls of He

<<This is the same news from the Xinhua news agency the other day.
Reuters is late>>

Burma Seizes Big Hauls of Heroin, Amphetamines


               RANGOON, Dec 19 (Reuters) - Burmese
               narcotics officials seized 88.5 kgs (194.7
               lbs) of heroin and more than one million
               tablets of amphetamines in two separate
               raids in eastern Shan State this month,
               state-run newspapers said on Friday. 

               They said 81 kgs of heroin and 10,000
               amphetamine tablets were found in a car
               intercepted on the Taunggyi-Mongton
               road on December 9. Five people were
               detained in connection with that seizure. 

               The papers said another 7.5 kgs of heroin
               and 1.14 million amphetamine tablets had
               been confiscated at the Thai-Burmese
               border town of Tachilek in Shan State on
               December 14. Officials arrested 12 people
               during raids in the town. 

               The heroin seized has a street value in
               Bangkok of around $1 million, Thai
               narcotics officials said. In the United
               States, its street price would be around
               100 times that amount. 

               Official Burmese statistics said the
               government had seized 394.9 kgs of
               heroin, 788.9 kgs of opium and 36,604
               tablets of amphetamines in raids in
               different parts of the country in November.