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from Chin Dwin

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Asean bids to halt currency crisis. China embraces Japan vow
By David Thurber

Kuala Lumpur: China promised on Tuesday not to devalue the Yuan and
Japan offered to train 20,000 people in South East Asia over five years
as part of efforts to shore up the region's falling currencies.
But there were no new pledges of direct aid, so the Association of South
East Asian Nations continued to seek more backing from economic
superpowers, saying they will suffer because their companies have
operations in the region or rely on trade with it. " Look at it from a
purely rational point of view,"
implored Mr. Rafidah Aziz, Malaysia's minister for international trade
and industry. Forget politics... It is pure survival of the global
economy." Several currencies have lost 40 per cent or more of their
value in recent months. The slides have continued despite International
Monetary Fund bailouts totaling more than $100 billion for Thailand,
Indonesia and South Korea.

The Malaysian Ringgit, Thai Baht and Indonesian Rupiah hit all time lows
on Monday after Asean
Leaders issued a statement designed to boost investor confidence. The
Japanese Yen, Philippine Peso
and Singapore Dollar also fell. Malaysian foreign minister Abdullah
Ahmad Badawi agreed it was hard to watch the falls continue and would
not speculate on when things might turn around. " It's very
difficult to make a guess. Everything that happens, we have never been
able to guess very accurately," he said, adding that the bout of
economic flu which has swept the region is serious. The leaders said
they will convene a meeting in Japan of deputy finance ministers and
deputy central bank governors from the Asian region in early 1998.
Chinese president Jiang Zemin outlined a plan for improving economic,
trade and political relations. " Friendly relations and cooperation
between China and Asean is not only in the interests of our two sides
but also benefits the Asia Pacific region," he said in a speech during
his bilateral meeting with the nine-member Asean. Spokesmen Shen Guofang
said that China also promised that it won't devalue the yuan, which
could further devastate the region's other currencies.

" This will have a positive effect in stabilising the market," Mr. Shen
said. " China will instead take other measures to make its exports
competitive. China will encourage its strong enterprises to invest in
Asean countries. Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto was up next and said
Japan already suffering from a bit of economic flu itself would train
20,000 Asean workers over five years, try to address concerns over
access to its markets and facilitate technology transfers.

But while he expressed confidence that Asean will recover, he said that
Japan could do little more until its own situation improves. " It's most
important that Japan steady itself," Mr. Hashimoto told reporter later.
" This is not just my view, but the view expressed by all the other
leaders. We shall never at any cost allow Japan to be the source of
worldwide recession." South Korea, recipient of the biggest
international monetary fund bailout ever, said it also will provide
education, training and other expertise. Japan reiterated that troubled
countries must accept the tough austerity measures that the IMF imposes
as part of its rescue packages.

"IMF will be able to induce capital back to this region," Mr. Hashimoto
said. " Therefore a framework under the IMF is very important." The
countries that have accepted IMF help and those, like Malaysia that may
yet need it have been groaning about the conditions and the social
impact in unemployment and business closings. But the statement they
issued on Monday, designed to restore investor confidence, grudgingly
accepted a central IMF role while urging the US and other economic
superpowers to pitch in more. Mr. Supeachai Panitch pakdi, Thailand's
commerce minister, said G-7 should meeting urgently on the key questions
of financial reform.
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