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Looking for Burmese Interpreters... (r)

HI Alexis Rohde,

I'm interesting in Burmese interpretation.  Please send me info:, I'm a
Burmese woman and working fulltime, I want to have a part-time job as an
interpretor.  I live in San Diego.

Leilei Thein

> From: ccraig@xxxxxxxxxxx
> To: Recipients of burmanet-l <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Looking for Burmese Interpreters...
> Date: Thursday, December 18, 1997 2:01 AM
>      I am a Regional Coordinator for Berlitz interpretation.  I am trying

>      to find speakers of Burmese in the Denver area to interpret in 
>      immigration court.  I am desperate for a Burmese 
>      interpreter, so if you or anyone you know is interested, please have

>      them call or email.  (email:arohde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and phone: 
>      1-888-241-9149 ext 150.)
>      I only coordinate interpreters in the San Diego and Denver areas,
>      Berltiz is looking for Burmese interpreters all over the country.  
>      There are 37 coordinators who work out of our Washington office who 
>      coordinate every major and some not so majors city in the US. 
>      is always a difficult language to recruit.  I greatly appreciate
>      help!  If you would like more information about Berlitz, you can
>      our website:  www.berlitz.com   or I can mail some information.
>           Sincerely, 
>           Alexis B. Rohde
>           Regional Coordinator