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Looking for Burmese Interpreters...

     I am a Regional Coordinator for Berlitz interpretation.  I am trying 
     to find speakers of Burmese in the Denver area to interpret in 
     immigration court.  I am desperate for a Burmese 
     interpreter, so if you or anyone you know is interested, please have 
     them call or email.  (email:arohde@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and phone: 
     1-888-241-9149 ext 150.)

     I only coordinate interpreters in the San Diego and Denver areas, but 
     Berltiz is looking for Burmese interpreters all over the country.  
     There are 37 coordinators who work out of our Washington office who 
     coordinate every major and some not so majors city in the US.  Burmese 
     is always a difficult language to recruit.  I greatly appreciate your 
     help!  If you would like more information about Berlitz, you can visit 
     our website:  www.berlitz.com   or I can mail some information.
          Alexis B. Rohde
          Regional Coordinator