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FTUB: Statement on the UN Secretary (r)


re: The FTUB's position statement on UN Secretary-General's comment

I am in agreement with the point raised by FTUB that the SPDC/SLORC 
must honour the result of May-1990 election. We cannot talk about
another election unless the representatives elected in May-1990
have discharged fully of their mandated duties. The successive
UNGA resolutions since 1991, as well as the recommendations by
Commission on Human Rights clearly state the military government
of Burma must honour the result of May-1990 election. What 
Secretary-General said in ASEAN meeting may be simply reflecting
the idea of a fresh election in Burma floated by General Than Shwe.

It is of no doubt that the SPDC/SLORC has been in a great pain to 
discard the result of May-1990 election. As far as I remembered, 
the SLORC in the past in 1991 had also promoted the possibility 
of new election through the international non-governmental 
representatives. (ICVA representatives, I think. I'll check some 
records and posted to BurmaNet later.)

In my opinion, the best possible arrangement in the present
situation is to separate governmental power. The SPDC/SLORC
may retain executive power and the elected parliamentarians
should exercise the legislative power. Current U.N. policy
on Burma seems to be moving towards that direction.

With best regards, 

U Ne Oo
18 Shannon Place
Adelaide SA 5000
To: Recipients of burmanet-l <burmanet-l@xxxxxxxxxxx>

	Statement on the UN Secretary General's comment on Burma
							18 December 1997.

We are encouraged that as expressed in the United Nations General Assembly
resolutions of 1996 and 1997 in which the Burma democratic movement
participated, the United Nations Secretary General has come forward to
resolve the political situation of Burma.

We are appreciative in the leader of the Burma military regime
understanding the value of the UNGA resolution and acknowledging the role
of the United Nations.

It is also contributive to the peace process that in the meeting with the
United Nations Secretary General, the leader of the Burma regime had
expressed the readiness for a dialogue with the National League for
Democracy and we believe as fitting a leader, will be responsible for his

But, we object strongly to the UN General Secretary agreeing to the call of
the Burma regime for another election in total denial of the election
results of the 1990 election.

If he does so, he will be violating the United Nations General Assembly
Resolutions of 1996 and 1997 both of which "Urges the Government of
Myanmar, inconfirmity with its assurances given at various times, to take
all necessary steps towards the restoration of democracy in accordance with
the will of the people as expressed in the democratic elections held in
1990 and to ensure that political parties and non-governmental
organizations can function freely".

We strongly urge the UN Secretary General Secretary General to maintain a
consistent approach to the peace process in Burma through a dialogue
between the regime, the democratic forces and the ethnic nationalities and
refrain from initiating another election.

--------------------- END ----------------------