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								   December 18, 1997


1. Today is the 7th Anniversary Day of the foundation of National Coalition
Government of the Union of Burma (NCGUB). The NCGUB had to be formed with
members of parliament-elect in the resistance area, at Marnerplaw, in order
to fully realize the will, expressed  categorically by the overwhelming
majority of the people, in the 1988 pro-democracy movement and in the
multi-party, democratic elections, held on May 27, 1990.

2. On this occasion, we reaffirm our government?s commitment to struggle
on, hand in hand firmly together with the ethnic nationality organizations,
resistance forces in the frontier areas and the democratic forces, at home
and abroad, which have been in resistance against the SLORC/SPDC, until the
abolishment of the military dictatorship, the early establishment of a
democratic government guaranteeing the fundamental human and democratic
rights and the establishment of a genuine federal union, are achieved.

3. We bow our heads in respect to and put on record the extremely important
roles of  the people who have elected us, our martyred colleagues who have
fallen in the prisons of the military dictatorship due to various forms of
inhuman torture, the male and female comrades who have to suffer unjustly
under long terms of imprisonment, the National Democratic Front (NDF) and
the Democratic Alliance of Burma (DAB), which have given aid and support
for the formation of the NCGUB, and all the democratic forces,
organizations and individuals, at home and abroad. 

4. In the 7 years period of the National Coalition Government of the Union
of Burma, the United Nations, the democratic governments of the world, the
parliaments, NGOs,  international human rights organizations, pro-democracy
and peace organizations, and the international media have come to realize
the truth regarding the yearnings of the people, human rights abuses
perpetrated by the military dictatorship, the crises the people have to
face politically, economically, socially & etc., and they have been
constantly endeavoring to generate aid and support for the democratic
movement of the people of Burma, on all aides. Special effort has been made
to increase UN and international pressure and actions to bring about a
politically meaningful and substantive dialogue, for national
reconciliation, between the NLD led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and other
democratic forces, true representatives of the ethnic nationalities and

5. The results of this endeavour  are:
(a) Adoption by the UNGA the consensus resolutions on Burma, for 7
consecutive years since 1991, including strong condemnations by the UNGA and
UN Commission on Human Rights against  the serious violations of human
rights by the Burmese military regime, urging the regime to recognize the
May 1990 elections which itself had held, and to hold dialogue, as the best
means of finding answers to internal peace and national reconciliation,
with the democratic forces led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, true
representatives of the ethnic nationalities & etc.;
(b) Imposition of trade sanctions by the U.S. government on Burma, begining
from May 1996, forbidding new investments so long as there are human rights
violations and so long as there are no political changes towards
democratization, in accordance with the will of the Burmese people, denial
of U.S. visas to members of the regime and their family members,  and the
adoptions of laws by 17 major cities including New York, San Francisco &
etc. and the Messuchusette State Government  prohibiting economic relations
with international business companies having economic relations with the
Burmese military dictatorship:
(c) The withdrawal of GSP by the E.U. from Burma due to the practice of
forced labor, forced relocation and deplorable human rights situation and,
similar to the U.S., the visa ban by E.U. ;
(d) Also the ILO?s strong protest against human rights violations in Burma
and keeping a close watch on the development;
(e) The increasing aid and support for the Burmese democratic movement by
the Scandinavian countries such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, & etc. 

6. Though we have thus gained success to a certain extent, our ultimate
goal of the abolishment of  military dictatorship, establishment of  a
government elected democratically by the people, and establishment of a
peaceful and prosperous federal union remains to be achieved and,
accordingly, we, all the members of parliament-elect, solemnly pledge, on
this 7th Anniversary Day, to struggle on together with the people until all
our objectives are realized.

------------------ END ------------------------