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From the World Government Institute

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                      WORLD GOVERNMENT INSTITUTE
                  Institute for the Establishment of World Government

	Dear Friends,

	I have been reading the articles of Burma-Net for last several days.
I am afraid of disturbing you by sending a mail suddenly.  My name is
Toshio Suzuki.  I am living in Japan.  I would like to inform you 
that I have a home page for the establishment of World Government, 
which is shown above.  This is a private institute focused on the 
establishment of World Government.
	Basic thought of this institute is written in the paper 
Toshio Suzuki, "International Party for the World Government," which is in 
my home page.  The basic thought is to establish the international party 
with a headquarter party in one country and a branch party in each country.
The basic policy of party is to conduct the election to elect the 
representatives to the World Parliament.  And the number of
representatives from each country is in proportion to population.
This International Party fights the election insisting its basic policy 
in each country and, after getting the power, conducts the election. 
	I am sending this mail to world government related organizations in the world.
I have already received some replies.  They are shown in
Toshio Suzuki "World Government Movement in Japan," which is also in my home page.
Progress of work of this institute is written in this page.
	The movement of establishing the World Government will not occur immediately.
This plan is on the stage to get understood by people.  I would like you 
to understand and remember this thought.  I expect collaboration in the 
	If you have any opinion, please send it to this institute.  It will be published 
on my site. 

                                                       Yours sincerely,
                                                       Toshio Suzuki