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NEWS- Myanmar Says National Objecti

Myanmar Says National Objectives Remain Unchanged


               YANGON (Dec. 16) XINHUA - Myanmar's
               national objectives remain unchanged
               despite a recent reconstitution of the
               government, said Myanmar leader
               Lieutenant-General Tin Oo. 

               Myanmar formed the State Peace and
               Development Council (SPDC) after
               dissolving the former State Law and Order
               Restoration Council in a major reshuffle of
               the government on November 15. 

               Addressing military officers at the Ministry
               of Defense Monday, Tin Oo, second
               secretary of the SPDC, said the objectives
               remain as non-disintegration of the union,
               non-disintegration of national solidarity,
               perpetuation of sovereignty and building a
               peaceful, modern and developed nation,
               official newspaper The New Light of
               Myanmar reported today. 

               Tin Oo, who is also chief of the Bureau of
               Special Operations and chief of staff of the
               Army, said the SPDC was formed "in
               response to the time and circumstances of
               the nation's situation." 

               He also said that SPDC will transfer state
               power to the people in whom it was
               initially vested, adding that the present
               government is trying to build firm political,
               economic and social foundations. 

               On Myanmar's foreign policy, he stressed
               the need to maintain the good relations
               with all countries and the friendly ties with
               other ASEAN (Association of Southeast
               Asian Nations) member nations on equal

               On the country's economy, he said the
               recent currency crisis of Southeast Asian
               countries also affected Myanmar to some
               extent, prompting a rise in commodity
               prices following an increase in the
               exchange rate of the U.S. dollar. 

               He noted that the government is taking
               measures to promote the country's
               economic growth. 

               Regarding national re-consolidation
               endeavors, he said 23 anti-government
               armed groups have made peace with the
               government, leaving only two still in

               He called on the government, the people
               and the army to work cooperatively for the
               accomplishment of the national objectives
               and build the nation into a strong and
               powerful one.