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News Release by KNU No. 67/97

                   News Release by KNU No 67/97
           Regarding the Offensive of the SPDC (SLORC)

                                                        December 15, 1997
On 10-10-97: the SPDC troops LccIB 703 had burned down Ka-lar-say in Pa-pun

On 29-10-97: LIB 707 entered Tai-boo-plaw village in Pa-pun township
destroying the entire village by fire, fifty three houses and fifty three
rice barns including 2762 baskets of rice had been burned down to the
ground. They had also taken kyat (170) of silver and two gold rings
belonged to Yweh Kler Hai, two boxes of Maung Kya Hai and two gold rings
belonged to Saw Kaw Gay.

On 29-11-97: LIB 704 arrested May Saw Kyay (age 30) who lived in Pa-La-lar
village and brutally killed him.

>From 18-11-97 to 20-11-97: the SPDC troops had used 9 helicopters to
transport army rations and food supplies to Ler-mu-plaw village in its
preparation to carry out the offensive and atrocity against the surrounding
Karen villages in western parts of Pa-pun township.

LIBs 701, 703, 704, 706 and 710 had participated in this operation of
brutality and destruction against the Karen villages in western Pa-pun.

Kaw-ka-reik District 
On 17-11-97: LB 231 had arrested an old woman (name unknown) who lived at
Mae-ta-lar village and took her to Ah-zin village in Kaw-Ka-reik township.

On 21-11-97: LIB 547 company No 3 led by commander captain Ka-choon had
arbitrary shot Saw Pai` Pa (age 57) of Sat-ka-wa village in Kaw-ka-reik
township, he suffered bullet injury.

Nyaung-lin-bin District .
On 27-11-97: LB 48 had arrested and brutally killed U Pa Nya, Min Min Lat
and thei Pu of Aung Cha-tha village in Mooe township.

Tavoy District 
On 24-97: LB 285 company 4 led by captain Maung Lwin had burned down 23
houses at Ka-pa-la village, 48 houses at Mee-Kyawn that village and on
26-11-97, they had also destroyed Pa-ti-tor-po house at Pay Cha village in
Tavoy township . LIB 208 battalion commander Khin Maung Win had demanded
kyats (5000) from each house in Pay Cha village. On 6-11-97, battalion
commander Khin Maung Win had arrested Saw Kai of Ta Peet Lay village
without any reason and brutally killed him. 

Note;	kyat = currency note in Burma it also used as weight measurement for
silver or gold.
1 kyat of silver is equal to 15.4 gr

// END//