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                                             INFORMATION SHEET

                                    No.A-0250 (I)                    16

(1)		Special Course on Irrigation Opens
		A special course on irrigation jointly organized by Japan International
Cooperation Agency and Central Irrigation Technology Centre opened at the
Irrigation Department (Head Office) in Kanbe, Yangon on 15 December. Experts
of JICA and Central Irrigation Technology Centre will lecture on design,
irrigation and tunnel technology. Altogether 54 trainees are attending the
course which continues till 18 December.
(2)		11th Seminar on Preservation and Conservation of Traditional 
		Manuscripts Held
		The 11th Seminar on Preservation and Conservation of Traditional Manuscripts
for the 21st Century ( SARBICA) sponsored by National Archives Department was
held at International Business Centre on 15 December. Present were heads of
departments, delegates of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore,
Thailand and Vietnam, registrars of National Archives Department and experts.
Chairman of National Ancient Manuscripts Preservation Commission retired
Professor U Tun Aung Chain submitted paper on preservation of ancient
manuscripts. Myanmar hosted the seminar for the first time. It continues till
18 December.
(3)		CSO Officials Leave for Thailand
		Staff Officers ( Statistics) of the Central Statistical Organization,
Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development, left Yangon by air on
15 December for Thailand to attend the Training Course on Sample Design for
Household and Establishment Surveys for Countries in Transition to be held in
Bangkok organized by the United Nations Statistical Institute for Asia and the
Pacific ( SIAP) and National Statistical Office (NSO), Thailand, from 15 to 24
(4)		Illegal Drugs Seized
		In Mandalay on 12 December due to a sting operation a total of (575) bottles
of (phensyldal) cough syrup were seized from one Daw Annie Khine who was
apprehended red-handed while doing the transaction. This cough syrup
(phensyldal) is manufactured in India but banned in Myanmar for its codeine
content ( A derivative of opium). Legal action will be taken against Daw Annie
Khine  according to the Law.