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China defends junta

China defends junta
Bangkok Post (December 16, 1997)

The Chinese and Burmese leaders pledged to maintain close ties between
their nations at a key meeting yesterday on the sidelines of the East Asian
summit in Kuala Lumpur, according to Beijing's state media.

Senior General Than Shwe, chairman of Burma's ruling junta, thanked
President Jiang Zemin for China's backing when many countries had sought to
isolate the army ruled country.

Mr. Jiang indicated that China would go on defending Burma, despite
international criticism it has faced over human rights and particularly the
military junta's treatment of the pro-democracy opposition.

Mr Jiang said: The world is a diverse one and each country has the right to
choose its social system and road of development in the light of its own
conditions, Xinhua reported. AFP