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Statement  on  UN  Secretary General's  Proposed  Meer with

The  news of Mr Kofi-Annan's  proposed meeting with General
Than  Shwe,  Chairman of  the military junta  in Burma,  at
Kualanpur,   Malasia on 15 December 1997 is matter of great
intrigue  for all Burma democratic  forces.  This will mark
the   first  meeting  between  the  topest  UNO  diplomatic
official and the brutal,  oppressive military junta,  SPDC.
Since  there is no  clear agenda or  policy statement,  all
forces  struggling for democracy and  human rights in Burma
are in a state of animated suspension.

We,   the All Burma Students League (ABSL),  based in India
and Thailand, welcome Secretary-General Kofi-Annan
initiative  with the hope that he will use his good offices
for the restoration of democracy in our motherland. We take
at as the United Nations greater concern for the suppression
of  democracy  in Burma.   We  welcome it  as  first direct
intervention  of UN to  resolve the crisis  in our country.
However, we want to emphasize that this meeting between the
UN  and  the  military  junta must  not  end  in diplomatic
hicenicies. It would be meaningless of the UN does not force
upon  the  military junta  to put  an end  to the  on going
butchering  of democracy.  If Mr  Kofi-Annan does not do so
and  make it transferent,  the  end result would he further
suppression of democracy.  The SPDC,  which is engaged in a
false propaganda warfare,  will exploit this meeting to its
own  tactical  advantave,  It  will bargain  credibility by
saying  the it is  moving towards democracy  by meeting the
topest  UN  official.   In  practice  the  junta  intensify
suppression of the democratic movement.

In the above context, we would request Mr Kofi-Annan to put
the  following  preconditions  before  General  Than  Shwe.

1.  Respect the 1990 election verdict and transfer power to
the  civilian government of NLD under the leadership of Daw
Aung  San Suu Kyi,   this can be achive  only if the SLORC,
SPDC  immediately start political negotiation with Daw Aung
San  Suu Kyi honest and genuine manners, 2. Only a civilian
government  would have the moral and political authority to
draft  a  new  constitution  of  democratic  Burma.  3.  UN
officials  as well as international Democratic/Human Rights
organization  must be  given free  access to  all areas and
sectors  to investigate primary  situation of forced labor,
illegal  arrest and further,  jail conditions etc;  4.  All
political   prisoners   be  released   unconditionally  and

Unless these preconditions are met,  the meeting between UN
Secretary  General  and the  Chief of  SPDC will  result in
further  suppression  of democracy  and violation  of human
rights.   We appeal to Mr Kofi-Annan to be sensitive to the
overt and convert consequences of his meeting with military
junta.  If right steps in the right perspectives are taken,
all  democratic forces of Burma  will respect the UN's move
and work for international peace and justice.

Three   cheers  for  Democracy   and  the  United  Nations.

Central Committee
All Burma Students League

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