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Monland Restoration Council annual

We,  members of the Monland Restoration Council, would like to invite you  to
the fourth annual conference of the Monland Restoration Council.

At this conference, we will widely discuss and exchange our views concerning
the following issues:

 1)  The restoration of Monland, today's lower Burma,  which was    invaded
and has been devastated by the Burmese since 1757.

 2)  The plight of the Mon nation under the oppressive Burmese    military
regime and the contemporary Mon national political    movement.

 3)  The future activities and movements of the Monland Restoration

4)  The current political and econonic situations  in Burma

We therefore would like to invite you and those who are sympathetic with  our
Mon nation  to our conference according to the following schedule:

PLACE:       213 Cumberland Ave.
                      Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA.
 DATE:        Friday  & Saturday , December 26 & 27, 1997

TIME:                       From 10 AM  To 5 PM 

For more information, please call: 219-471-3961 
E-mail:  nyap01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx