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NEWS - Myanmar, Japan Implementing

Myanmar, Japan  Implementing  Afforestation Project


               YANGON (Dec. 12) XINHUA - Myanmar
               and Japan are jointly implementing a
               "friendship afforestation project" to
               establish a community forest in Myanmar's
               Mandalay division, the New Light of
               Myanmar newspaper reported today.

               The project is sponsored by the Japan
               International Forestry Promotion and
               Cooperation Center (JIFPCC), a
               Japanese non-governmental organization,
               with the support of some Japanese
               corporations and in cooperation with
               Myanmar's Ministry of Forestry.

               The aim of the project is to set up a
               community forest in the central zone of the
               Nyaung O area covering 450 hectares of
               land, the report said.

               Under the project, the area will be
               afforested with 10 different kinds of trees
               including Eucalyptus, Tamaka and Magyi.

               The forest would contribute to the local
               environment, which would in turn help
               conserve the global environment at large
               and enhance the friendship between
               Myanmar and Japan, it said.

               According to the JIFPCC, a series of
               friendship afforestation projects between
               Japan and other countries has been
               initiated since 1995. The first such project
               was with Malaysia in that year, the second
               with Indonesia in 1996 and the third with
               Myanmar in 1997.