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NEWS- Thailand, Myanmar to Demarca

               Thailand, Myanmar  to Demarcate Common Boundary -Paper


               BANGKOK (Dec. 12) XINHUA - Thailand
               and Myanmar have agreed to demarcate
               their common boundary by dividing it into
               10 sectors, according to the Nation
               newspaper today.

               When a joint survey team is unable to
               determine where to locate boundary
               pillars in an area of a sector, they will
               move to the next area so as not to delay
               the demarcation process, the newspaper
               quotes Thai Foreign Minister Surrin
               Pitsuwan as saying earlier this week.

               Thailand and Myanmar used different
               maps based on different treaties in their
               negotiations on the 2,400 kilometer-long
               border, it said.

               The agreement on the new survey method
               was an outcome of a Thai-Myanmar
               boundary meeting in August. Surrin did
               not say when the survey is expected to be