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Position Statement regarding ASEAN


								December 12, 1997

Position Statement regarding ASEAN on Occasion of Informal ASEAN Summit in 

1. The informal Asean summit meeting to be held in Malaysia will address
matters relating to regional security, stability, peace and economic
development in the region. 
2. In the process of consideration and discussion, analysis of the
political and economic situation of each individual member country will
figure as an important item on the agenda.
3. Burma (Myanmar) being the newest member country of the ASEAN, has
serious political and economic problems which now directly impact the
4. The current regime in Burma which has discarded its former name of the
SLORC and assumed the new name of the State Peace and Development Council,
is a military junta, an illegitimate government, that has refused to hand
over power to the duly elected representatives of the people as mandated by
the May 1990 general elections. 
5. The people of Burma continue to be subjected to widespread and serious
violations of human rights by the regime. The economy of the country has
been going from bad to worse, day by day, and the military regime has not
made any positive changes, ignoring repeated calls for reform by the
International Community.
6. In July of this year, the SLORC/SPDC was accepted as a new member of the
ASEAN. Since that time, a burgeoning economic crisis has enveloped all the
ASEAN countries. In the search for the solution to the crisis, individual
countries have sought extraordinary measures including in some instances a
change in the country's leadership.
7. In the case of Burma, there is an urgent need for a change in leadership
to one committed to the cessation of human rights violations, stopping of
war against the ethnic nationalities and the emergence of a democratically
elected government.  
8. As a member of ASEAN, a solution to the economic and political problems
of Burma are inextricably tied to the revival of the ASEAN economy as a
9. Accordingly, we would like to urge the ASEAN leaders at the summit to
conduct an in-depth study of the economic and political situation in Burma,
and embark upon a process of constructive intervention for the early
revival of democracy in the country.  It is not only in the direct interest
of all members of the ASEAN, but it is also the will of the citizens of Burma.

								The Cabinet