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International Humanrights Day Demon

Burmese prodemocracy activists in India hold demonstration at Janta
Manta (New Delhi  India) on  December 10, 1997.

Press Release
Date  December 10, 1997

United Burmese Democratic Forces in India on International Human Rights

1. Today, December 15th, marks the International Human Rights Day on
which United Nations declared Universal Declaration of Human Rights for
all the people in the world.

2. Present Military government of Burma is violating human rights and
its human rights record is considered the worst in the world.

3. People of Burma are suffering forced labor, force relocation,
arbitrary arrest, summery execution, torture etc. and have lost their
basic rights in the hand of SPDC.

4. SPDC is waging genocide war against ethnic minorities of Burma. Due
to this civil wars and brutalities, hundreds of the Burmese and Ethnic
people are forced to leave their places for neighboring countries
Thailand, India and Bangladesh, where they live without protection.

5. Military regime of Burma is constantly ignoring the desire of the
people and seeking to perpetuate its rule


We urge:

United Nations Organization:
To take necessary action against SPDC for its violation of human rights
outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Neighboring countries of Burma:
To condemn SPDC for disturbing regional stability with refugee problems
and drugs; and
To help Burmese democratic forces in their endeavor to restore democracy
in Burma.

International community:
To help stop the atrocities that is going on in Burma; and
To support Burmese democracy forces for speedy transition to democracy.

We also demand:
To stop violation of Human Rights in Burma, and
To respect the will of the people shown in 1990 General Election.

The United Burmese Democratic Forces in India.

Note: SPDC = State Peace and Development Council formerly known as State
Law and Order Restoration Council, illegitimate military regime of