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Thai/Burma Border Refugee Repatriat

Date: 12/6/97                                                       Contacts: 
ry Beth Brangan, Jim Heddle
  OPTIONS 2000 International
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				              E-mail: opt2000@xxxxxxx


Options 2000 International, an award-winning California-based television
production company, announces release of "BORDERING ON TYRANNY: Thailand's
Dilemma", a 25 minute documentary and a companion 15-minute news magazine
story.  The topic is the threat of forced repatriation of the approximately
120,000  oppressed ethnic minority refugees from Burma currently sheltering
in camps along the Thai/Burmese border and those that are pouring into
Thailand daily.  

The programs are being released as aid workers, NGO's, news  and relief
agencies report that the long-feared forced repatriation back to Burma of
ethnic refugees by the Royal Thai Army has begun.   There are increasing
reports of Thai Army troops forcing back into Burma refugees attempting to
flee the mass atrocities being committed against them by the Burmese army's
ethnic cleansing campaign.   According to reports, two to six people may
have been killed so far. Also recently the Thai Army raided the offices of
Burmese pro-democracy groups in Sankhlaburi, near the Thai/Burma border,
arresting 20 pro-democracy activists, whom it is feared may be turned over
to the Burmese military.

BORDERING ON TYRANNY and the related TV news report examine the
multi-million dollar deals and the economic, political and military
pressures on Thailand which are resulting in thousands of men, women and
children being sent back to Burma.  Those forced to return will face rape,
killings, forced labor, extortion and state-sponsored terror at the hands of
Rangoon's ruling junta - unless the international community takes immediate

The programs contain exclusive footage of conditions in camps lining the
Thai/Burma border that currently house more than 120,000 Karen, Mon and
Karenni ethnic refugees from Burma; coverage of the UNOCAL/TOTAL Yadana
natural gas pipeline; and Thailand's recent governmental shake-up triggered
by the Thai and South East Asian economic crisis.  Also included are
interviews with refugees, informed observers, Thai officials and NGO
personnel close to the breaking story.  

Key interviewees include: Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Laureate and leader of
Burma's pro-democracy movement; Gen. Chettha Tanajaro, Commander-in-Chief of
the Royal Thai Army; Gen. Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, recently resigned Thai
Prime Minister; expert  Asian economist, Prof. Walden Bello; prominent Thai
social critic Sulak Sivaraksa; Kavi Chongkittavorn, Executive Editor of the
Nation, Bangkok's leading English language daily newspaper: M.R. Sukhumbhand
Paribatra, newly appointed Thai Deputy Foreign Minister: and attorney
Katharine Redford, EarthRights International, a key member of the legal team
representing Burmese plaintiffs in a U.S. law suit against transnational oil
giants UNOCAL (U.S.) and TOTAL (France) for atrocities committed in the
building of the Yadana natural gas pipeline in Burma.

There are four program versions: 1) a 28-Minute Documentary for North
American television and general international cable, broadcast and
educational release;  2) a 15-Minute TV News Report for general network
distribution;  3)  a 25-Minute Documentary designed for release in EU
countries;   4) an 18-Minute NGO Briefing version for use with
decision-makers, funders and public education purposes.  Preview cassettes
are available on request.

Preview VHS cassettes are US $30.00.  When ordering, please specify video
format (NTSC, PAL or C-Cam) and which of the 4 versions you want.  Please
make checks, money orders or cashier's checks payable in US currancy to:

Options 2000
P.O. Box 1047
Bolinas, CA 94924

Orders will be filled within 5 days of receipt of payment.

Suggestions as to broadcast or cable network contacts for distribution
and/or distribution funding support will be much appreciated.  This is a
breaking story which urgently needs to get the widest exposure possible, now!