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At 08:30 PM 12/12/97, you wrote:
>In a message dated 97-12-12 20:18:34 EST, you write:
><< Dear Ko Okkar,
> I like to read Burmese virsion of an article about a five names villian by
> PaukSa, printed on December 8 issue of NLM,on page 5.  Can you e-mail to me?
> Am I asking you too much? If so forget it.
> uthaung >>
>Dear Saya U Thaung,
>     I will try to send it to you or to the BurmaNet if other people also want
>to see it. But I will have to try to get the Burmese version first and my
>second problem is I can type Win-Innwa very slowly. I don't know how to type
>Win-Burma font. Pls give me time.
>Thank you .