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At 12:21 PM 12/9/97, you wrote:
>                                           INFORMATION SHEET
>		                          NO.A0238(l)	          8th December 1997
>(1)		Hutment-to-Highrise Projects Must Suit Needs of Workers, Public
>Privatization Must Ensure Continued Employment, Involve Allied Trades, Supply
>Projects At Factory Prices
>		Chairman of Privatization Commission and Chairman of Housing Project
>Committee Secretary-1 of the State Peace and Development Council Lt-Gen Khin
>Nyunt addressed the meeting jointly held by Privatization Commission and
>Housing Project Committee at Department of Human Settlement and Housing
>Development (Head Office) on 7 December. The Secretary-1 said the State Peace
>and Development Council is building Yangon to help acquire the characteristics
>of a city for raising social life of the people and development of the
>country, adding construction projects, together with industrial zones and
>housing projects that contribute toward economic development of the country
>are being implemented with added momentum. He spoke of establishment of
>satellite towns implementation of housing projects for industrial zones and
>industries, advanced single unit houses, modern housing projects for foreign
>businessmen, low-cost single unit houses for the public, hut-to-highrise
>scheme and solving of difficulties in connection with construction materials. 
>		The Secretary-1 said business related to construction groups should be
>formed under Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Association and stressed the
>need to implement low-cost housing project for the public and service
>personnel as well as single unit modern housing. He said highrise business
>buildings will be allowed in areas designated as quite residential places only
>after scrutiny by authorities concerned for discriminate construction can
>spoil peace and tranquillity of the area. 
>(2)		Development Work of Dagon Myothit Seikkan Township 
>		Dagon Myothit-Seikkan Township development project includes modern
>industries, urban housing project, single unit, low-cost housing project,
>pagoda, monastery, hospital, school, motion picture, music and the atrical
>centres, sports ground and market. This project is being jointly undertaken by
>Human Settlement and Housing Development Department, Olympic, Yuzana,
>International General Services Company, Jarbu, Yamawady, Delta, Asia World,
>Toasta and JV 5 construction groups.
>(3)		Horticulture Show on 16-25 Dec
>		The Horticulture Show will be held at Myepadetha Garden in Bahan Township
>from 16-25 December. Altogether 79 kinds of vegetables, 94 kinds of fruits and
>50 kinds of flowers will be on display.
>(4)		Edible Oil Industrial Zone to Be Established at Thilawa Port Extension
>Area in Kyauktan
>		Myanmar Edible Oil Industrial Zone Development Co. Ltd, the joint venture of
>Myanmar Industrial manufacturing Co Ltd and Myanmar Edible Oil Dealers
>Association, has proposed to build a wharf at the 18th plot of Thilawa Port
>extension area and establish an edible oil industrial zone on the 300 acres of
>Phalam Kwin in Kyauktan Township, Yangon.
Dear Ko Okkar,
I like to read Burmese virsion of an article about a five names villian by
PaukSa, printed on December 8 issue of NLM,on page 5.  Can you e-mail to me?
Am I asking you too much? If so forget it.