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NEWS-Myanmar to Establish Edible Oi

Myanmar to Establish Edible Oil Industrial Zone


               YANGON (Dec. 8) XINHUA - An edible oil
               industrial zone will be established near the
               newly-developed Thilawa Port in the
               capital of Yangon, according to today's
               official newspaper The New Light of

               The edible oil industrial zone, to be jointly
               implemented by the Myanmar Industrial
               Manufacturing Co Ltd and the Myanmar
               Edible Oil Dealers Association, will be set
               up on a plot of 121.5 hectares. 

               Myanmar laid down a plan in 1995 to
               ensure self-sufficiency in edible oil within
               three years. However, the plan has not
               been fully realized. 

               The establishment of the edible oil
               industrial zone is expected to realize the

               Myanmar consumes about 300,000 tons of
               edible oil on an annual basis, of which
               some 200,000 tons is produced at home
               and the rest has to be imported. 

               According to official statistics, the country
               imported 65.25 million U.S. dollars worth
               of edible vegetable oil and other
               hydrogenated oils in the 1996-97 fiscal
               year which ended in March.