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All Members of Green November 32,

Dear All Members of Green November 32,

We, some of GN 32, have been very sorry about GN 32's current situation
because of, Board of Directors, President sent a letter, resignation of GN
32 Board of Directors, to the GN 32 Auditor Group, which we elected last AGN
for Audit to the GN 32 account.

We love protect our environmental and human rights, GN 32 was cover for that
things, so we joined with GN 32, continue we must be carry on that
responsibilities. For this please attention to this letter.

Here is very poor translation into English from President, Board of
Directors of GN 32 to Auditor Group letter, because of this letter is in
Burmese, our English is very poor, so please understand to us, if something
mistake. (if any person need we can sent in Burmese)

Here letter to Auditor Group

Auditor Group
GN 32						Date. 30.11.1997.

Subject.		Resign from GN 32 Board of Directors.

1. According to the Constitution we, GN 32 Board of Directors already
finished two years team, because of last end of November 1995, had been
elected to us for Board of Directors.

2. Regularly, at the Annual General Meeting, elected with secret vote for
the Board of Directors five persons, for who are attended members and than
transfer their duties to the newly elected Board.

3. But this year, current situation, according to different difficulties,
we, Board of Directors, recommended to call AGM is impossible. So if there
is no AGM, can not elect new Board of Directors.

4. But according to our constitution, we, Board of Directors, already had
been two years team, so we understand that, we must be resign for that
positions. So starting from November 30, we already resign from that
position and than will staying as a member of GN 32 and take responsible,
which we get.

5. We have already understand with Auditor Group, which elected last AGM for
audit, all of GN 32 materials and duties will take responsible before coming

6. When coming GN 32 AGM, we, Board of Directors, will present for all
activities of our period.


(Dr. Myint Cho)
Board of Directors
   Green November 32

1. All Board of Directors.
2. Office copy.

We hope, if you are read above letter you can understand about GN 32. If
Board of Directors really want carry on GN 32 activities;

1. In the last 1996 AGM, we tried to amendment of GN 32 constitution, if
this OK, we will elect new Board of Directors, but Board of Directors didn't
agree about it. 
2. During 1997 all period, Board of Directors didn't came in discuss for GN
32 activities at the GN 32 office, we have office and equipment.
3. End of March, we have no fund, but Board of Directors didn't discuss with
full members of BOD (After AGM, never have that king of meeting)
4. At present, BOD, they resign with their decision. Even some of Auditor
Group, didn't know about it up to now.
5. The last bad thing, BOD President Dr. Myint Cho will go with his family
to Australia, this is we heard from diplomatic sources.
6. Finally, we didn't recognize his letter (BOD resigned letter) because of
above mentioned points and current situation.
7. We signed under mentioned names, which are contacting each by each with
phone/fax/email. If any person please contact to every persons with their

Member of GN 32.
1. Thet Soe Lwin
2. Khaing Ran Naing (at present, Office Manager at the GN 32 office)
3. Ko Thein Oo
4. Ko Lwin Moe
5. Ko San Ni
6. Ko Maung Myint
7. Ko Bo Gyi
8. Ko Tun Tun Oo
9. Ko Tin Soe
10. K-Myo Minn Aung