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Press Release By The Rangoon Post

Immediate Release  (With Mistake Correction)


The Rangoon Post, published in the United States, is sent out to 40 diplomats,
20 senators, and 10 congressmen, 100 academics, 40 journalists, 25, and 65
students and activists all over the world on Dec. 1.

First of all, we would like to apologize every subscriber for late
distribution due to technical problems of our computers.

Yet, The Rangoon Post is financed by no one expect our board members' pocket
money. The cost of the post's publications and distributions are $ 500.00 for
per month without searching news, typing fees, and times for three news
researchers. The post has been releasing 8 issues until December 1997. The
post will issue until democracy is restored in Burma. Therefore, we invite
everyone to distribute articles, news, pictures, and essays. 

The purpose of the The Rangoon Post: 
The Rangoon Post is an independent news journal, not-for-profit, is published
in the United States to inform human rights abuses, use of forced labors, and
drugs trafficking by the present ruling Burmese junta to the world community
and to the people of Burma. The post also introduces the growing divestment
movements and imposing economic sanctions against the junta by every form of
governments in Canada, Europe, and The United States and  updates current
situations and democracy movements in Burma and abroad. 

Our board members of The Rangoon Post are also practicing freedom of
expression and media networking for the future establishment of The Rangoon
Post as an English daily paper in Burma when the democratically elected
government is restored. In the mean time, The Rangoon Post is recruiting
journalists and experts for future Burma's media freedom.   

Board Members:
Editor Chief:  Nyi Nyi Lwin
News Editor:Philip McCracken, III
General Manager: Tin Tin Moe
Publication Manager: Shwe S. Tun
Distribution Director: Yin Aye

The Rangoon Post
P.O.BOX 64
Rockville, MD 20848

Tel/Fax (301) 984-6271
E-Mail: RANGOONP@xxxxxxx
How to Subscribe The Rangoon Post:
Just sent your addresses by either e-mail or postal mail so that we are able
to deliver the post directly to your homes, offices, and post boxes.

Thank you very much.

Nyi Nyi Lwin (Chief Editor)