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Political prisoners in Burma


7th December 1997.

1. The so-called State Peace and Development Council (SPDC), in the new name
of the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC), issued an order
(Order No 1/97) regarding Commutation and Remission of Sentences on 1st
December, 1997.  This order seems to be merely a public relations act on the
part of the newly formed SPDC government to gain credit among people in
Burma as well as the international community.

2. In fact, prisoners who are now serving prison sentences of 10 years or
under, are not affected by this commutation and remission of sentences, and
they are still being treated unjustly and brutally by the authorities.  It
is also well known that the SPDC (SLORC) does not even abide by its own
orders and so-called laws, as the military government has already reneged on
its promoses to release some political prisoners.

3. All of the political prisoners in the following attached list have been
given remission from their original sentences according to the Order No
(11/92) and Order No (1/93).  Some of them have formally been told they
would be released on (23-3-97) by the prison officers.  They have not also
been given any extented sentence by the prison law in jail.  Though their
sentences are over, they are still being kept in prisons without any proper

4. All of them are political prisoners and some including a 70-year-old
woman have been suffering from tuberculosis, caught in prisons. On the day
of their release, as informed by the prison authorities, their families and
relatives waited for them at the gate of each jail, but were ordered to go
back by authorities without being given any reason.  Since they were
arrested, these political prisoners have not been given even any legal right
to defend themselves, and they have been kept under unlawful detention
without any legal protection.

5. Therefore, all pro-democracy organizations and groups struggling against
the military regime, the SPDC (SLORC), are strongly urged to take
appropriate action and to condemn the activities of the military regime, the
SPDC (SLORC), who violate even their own laws and are continuing to treat
political prisoners unjustly.  Furthermore, international organizations and
human rights organizations  are requested to do all in their power to help them.

Information Department
Democratic Party for a New Society (DPNS)


The following are political prisoners who were arrested on (18-6-89) and
sentenced by various courts on (6-11-89).  Some were orginally sentenced to
7 years/ 10 years imprisonment respectively. Some of them were given
remission of sentences and commutation to 10 years imprisonment according to
the Order No (11/92) and Order No (1/93). They had been told they would be
released on (23-3-97) but are still being kept under detention.

1. Ko Thein Zaw         Tha-yar-waddy Jail
2. Ko Thet Khaing	Insein Jail
3. Ko Kyaw Oo Nyo	Tha-yar-waddy Jail
4. Ko Zaw Zaw Aung	Tha-yar-waddy Jail
5. Ko Win Ko Ko		Tha-yar-waddy Jail
6. Ko Shwe Aung Than	Tha-yar-waddy Jail
7. U Aung Pe Thu	Tha-yar-waddy Jail
8. U Aung Than		Tha-yar-waddy Jail
9. U Ye Win		Tha-yar-waddy Jail
10.U Bo Sein		Mandalay Jail
11.U Khin Maung Yin	Tha-yar-waddy Jail
12.Ko Aung Chit		Mandalay Jail
13.Ko Aung Myint Tun	Insein Jail
14.Ko Myo Kyi		Tha-yar-waddy Jail
15.U Tin Aung		Insein Jail
16.Ko Moe Win		Insein Jail
17.U Win Kyi		Tha-yar-waddy Jail
18.Daw Kyi Kyi		Insein Jail
19.Ma Khin Hnin Ye	Insein Jail
20.Ma Don		Insein Jail

The following are all political prisoners whose sentences are already over
according to the Order No (11/92) and Order No (1/93) and normal remissions
under the prison act but are still being kept under detention in various
jails in Burma.
NOTE :	According to the prison act, there are, normally, 3 classes of
remission for any prisoner. These are A class (twice a year and 41 days for
one time), B class (twice a year and 32 days for one time) and C class
(twice a year and 23 days for one time). 
	Unless a prisoner violates any prison rule, he/she has a right to be
granted the normal remission from his / her original sentence as follows:
	- in the first year of sentence, B class two times and C class two times
(totally 110 days).
	- in the following years, A class two times per year (82 days).

In Tha-yar-waddy Jail

1.  Ko Ye Win
2.  Ko Thein Zaw
3.  Ko Myo Kyi
4.  Ko Zaw Zaw Aung
5.  KO Kyaw Oo Nyo
6.  Ko Win Ko Ko
7.  U Win Kyi
8.  U Aung Than
9.  U Aung Pe Thu
10. Ko Kyaw Swe
11. Ko Khin Maung Lay
12. Ko Htay Kywe
13. Ko Shwe Aung Than
14. Ko Aung Kyaw Sein
15. Ko Khin Zaw Oo
16. Ko Mya Win
17. U Saw Win
18. U Tin Aung Aung
19. U Pite Ko
20. U Tin Aye
21. Ko Thar Dun Aung
22. Khaing Pyi Soe
23. U Than Kyaw
24. Ko Kyaw Dun
25. U Pyu Maung
26. U Kaung Kyaw Zan
27. U Kyaw San Maung
28. Ko Kyaw Minn Yu ( aka Jimmy )
29. Ko Min Naing Tun
30. Ko Kyaw Oo
31. Ko Aung Moe
32. Ko San Myint Aye
33. Ko Zaw Linn Aung
34. Ko Aung Kyaw Moe
35. Ko Aung Than
36. Ko Moe Kyaw Thu
37. Ko Maung Maung Thin
38. Ko Khin Zaw
39. U Ohn Than
40. Ko Zay Ya
41. Ko Myint Sein

Insein Jail

1.  Ko Ricky Than
2.  Ko Richard
3.  Ko Than Myint Shwe
4.  U Khaing Soe
5.  U Tun Win
6.  Ko Moe Win
7.  Ko Phu Thit (aka Ko Aung Myint Tun)
8.  Ma Don
9.  Daw Kyi Kyi
10. Ko Thet Khaing
11. U Tin Aung
12. U Maung Lay
13. U Win Tin
14. Ko Paw Oo Tun
15. Ma Khin Hnin Ye

Mandalay Jail

1.  Ko Aung Chit
2.  U Bo Sein
3.  Ko San Aung

Taungoo Jail

1. Ko Win Myint Naing

Myin-chan Jail

1.  Ko Bo Bo Oo
2.  Ko Thet Tun
3.  Ko Khin Maung Yin

Tha-yet Jail

1.  Ko Ko Gyi
2.  Ko Bo Kyi
3.  Ko Nyo Tun
4.  Ko Nyein Chan ( aka Nyi Pu Lay )
5.  Saw Thawmas
6.  Bo Tha Khu
7.  Bo Tha Gaung