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I just arrive from outide

Hi! Friends,

I just arrive from outside of Thailand. This is my personal, but as soon as
I arrive I saw here is a lot of message for me. From Nyent Chan, Kyaw Zaya,
Aung Kyaw, Zaw Zaw Htun etc.. I am very appreciate about your attention.

I would like to mentioned about GN 32, there is a lot of internal problems,
when I was in Chiang Mai, I know about it. It it very lucky for me. I am a
member of GN 32 but I had not so cloes with GN 32 activities because of
according to my personal busness. Actually I don't want to explan about GN
32 via Burmanet. I will sent mail to personally, who are responsible for GN
32. I would like to apologice for the Burmanet subscriber, about where is GN
32? I want to say very sorry for my announce. Because of when I am reading
every message, some peoples, don't want this kind of announcement.

Revolutionary greeting,


P.S Don't ask to me who are you? <dad> is father, your father.