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The SLORC, so-called SPDC, cooperat (r)

	Even if the Burmen take up arm to fight against the dictatorial
regime, it will just mean one more group fighting.  In military points of
view, the groups on the border hasn't been as effective as they should be.
However, they have been effective to preserve their identities,
literatures, and cultures which are under the systematic destruction by th
esuccessive regimes.  They have been trying to educate their people about
the value of their languages, their cultures and their literatures.  Their
traditional cultures, languages, and literatures would have disappeared if
they hadn't understand the destruction by the regimes.
	Burmen should really sympathize the sufferings of the ethnic
people and Burmen should be willing to allow them to exercise their
rights.  Burmen including politicians should be helping these compatriots
and should be creatign chances to let those people participate in the
administrations. Understanding the real events of the ethnic peole is the
only thing that needed.  If all understand not by words, but by practical
ways, then ethnic problems can be eased and lead to the process of solving
	As long as Burmen, Karen, Mon, Kachin, students, politicians, and
so on fight separately  or somewhat alone, the regime will not care and it
then can get a reason to promote its army ever and ever.  But, when all
united in fighting, no one can stand the strength of the real unity.

On 7 Dec 1997 Neptune33@xxxxxxx wrote:

> 	Question
> 		The various ethnic groups in Burma take up arms agains Slorc, however, they
> get nowhere and apparently cannot win. Why don't the ethnic Burmese themselves
> take up arms against Slorc, they would probably have a chance to win?????

Kyaw Zay Ya
Indiana University