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The SLORC, so-called SPDC, cooperat

The SPDC is making trafficking on drug abuse for covering their living costs
and getting foreign currency by themselves. They controlled the ex-senior
army officials and letting him to make the said tasks. 
On 3rd Sept.1997, ex-commander of the SPDC, commander of IB (56), Thein Win
and Opium war lord Khun Sa's ex-commander Thein Win are cooperating to
purchase opium industries in Main Pyin Township area. They had sold the
opium in the price 35,000 Kyats per viss to commander of (519) capt. Myint
Aung, Main Ton area. They purchased to the price 10,000 Kyats from the local
area. Capt. Myint Aung carried the opium by car and distributed them in Main
Kqe, Main Han, Nar kong Mu and Main Kyawt via to Pin Lon/Ho Moung.They were
received by the eldest son of Khun Sa, price 8,000 Baht per viss this news
was confirned.
There are (3)heroin industries in Ho Moung area that contyolled by Khun Sa
and SPDC.
The area was strictly controlled by them and was strictly prohibited. the
properties were purchased from both Thai and Burma.
On Nov.27,1997 the Thai police destroyed one industry in Mae Hong Son
province, Pandmapha area, that was built by the opium war lord Khun Sa and
SPDC.It was about 4-kilometer away from the Thai - Burma border. In the time
of action,(3) Thai policemen were shot dead and other(6) were wounded.