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Updated Mon News (r)

National affairs, such social, cultural and political issues.

Publishing Mon Historical Book:     Mon High Priest Bhadhanta Uttama will
sponsor for printing 540 pages of Mon Historical Book.  While Mon
United League (MUL) committees pay respect to Bhadhanta Uttama on 6 Dec.1997, Bhadhanta said
he will pay for publishing that book. It was prepared by Nai Khun Liah
since several years ago.  He spent for years in collecting the text from
old Mon palm leafs at Mon monasteries in Thailand and Burma.   And Nai Ock
Pine, Mon Culture and Literature Committee, took responsibility in typing
with new Mon font in computer and Bhadhanta Indhaka, Lwimarnthaw, Kamawak,
took responsibility in editing.  This Mon  Historical  Book will cost about
240,000 Baht for printing 1000 books.

Mon Language Books now available:   Prakoh Purana Katha, 109 pages (Mon
ancient Poem) composed by Bhadhanta Siridhippa, De-Krien Village, 1973,
reprinted by Bhadhanta Uttama, Wat Wangwiwekaram, Sangkhlaburi. 

Kabya Mon Trim,  171 pages, Ven. Vedhanyana collected from ancient Mon palm
leafs.  This book was sponsored by Swissaid for printing.   MUL  humbly
thank to those who have sponsored for printing these books,  and welcome
more sponsorship for printing Tobyakhun (Traditional Medicine Formula).

Mon United League