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Updated Mon News

Subject: Mon News

Thai NGOs meet for follow-up gas pipe line project
Thammasart University, Bangkok,  4 December 1997,       A number of Thai
NGOs including Mon Information Service (MIS) meet today  to evaluate their
activity of submitting letters to the Prime Minister
Nai Chuang Leekphai and Commander in Chief Gen. Chetha Thanajaro on 2 Dec.
1997.  In their  9 pages letter sent to the Prime Minister, it was widely
mentioned  bout the human rights violations in Southern Burma where the gas
pipe line has been constructed.

Prime Minister Office Minister Ms Suphattra Masdit  who receied the letter 
on behalf of Nai Chuang, will make a trip to the site of wild forest where
to construct the gas pipe line on 7 Dec.1997.  Kanchanaburi local NGOs and
villagers are preparing for a strike at the site since the government give
no answer of stopping from violation of grade (A)  forest of the country.

Several Thai news papers wrote on the issue of  gas pipe line  on 3
Dec.1997, with a photo on the front page. In the same day, Nai Phisan 
Paladsinh, Director of Mon Information Service, sent a package of detail
informations concerning human rights  violated by the SLORC in Mon
territory as requested by the Minister.   At the same time PTT is trying to
gain legitimacy by finishing its work of laying  the pipe line as much as