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Joint Statement of Students and Act (r)


WE, student and activist groups supporting the Democratic movement in
Burma, are jointly releasing this statement to express concern regarding

recent attacks on Burmese refugees on the Thai-Burma border and Burmese
students and activists residing in Thailand.

We are gravely concerned to hear of the recent attacks on Burmese
refugee camps by the Thai military, and the subsequent death of ethanic
refugees. We are also disturbed to hear of the arrest of a further
eleven Burmese students and activists in Sankhlaburi Thailand, and their

condition which is under threat of  forced repatriation to Burma.

On International Human Rights Day 1997, we are saddened to know that the

Thai authorities are not prepared to respect and adhere to
internationally agreed to and accepted human rights standards. We
believe Thailand, an active member of the United Nations, should
actively uphold and protect the human rights of refugees seeking asylum
in their country.

On Human Rights Day, we call on the newly formed Thai government, under
the leadership of Prime minister Mr Chuan Leekpai, to:

- stop all military operations against Burmese refugees residing along
the Thai-Burma border, and to fairly treat all other Burmese living in

- stop the forced repatriation of  refugees and activists from Burma,
who are residing in Thailand;
- immediately release the 17 people including 3 children from
prodemocracy movement groups  in Sankhla Buri who were rounded up by
Thai police and Army On 24-11-97, and not to deport them to Burma.
- ensure the safety of all refugees living in the ?safe area? in
Ratchaburi, Thailand, and to investigate claims of harassment in the

We also urge:

- the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to protect
the rights of all Burmese refugees living along the Thai-Burma border;

- the UNHCR to work more closely with other local and international NGOs

assisting refugees on the border;

We also strongly condemn the arrest of two young childs by the Thai

In the spirit of Human Rights Day, and in preparing for the 50th
anniversary since the UN signed the Universal Declaration of Human
Rights, we ask Primeminister Chuan Leekpai andhis government, to ensure
the human rights of all Burmese living in Thailand are fully respected.

"With great spirit of the struggle for Democracy and Human-rights in

All Burma Basic Education Students Union
All Burma Students' League
All Burma Students' Democratic Organisation
Asia-Pacific Solidarity Network
Burmese Student Association (safe-area)
Free Burma Coalition
Joint Action Committee (Japan)
-Burma Youth Volunteer Association - Japan.
- National League for Democracy ( Liberated Area ) Japan Branch.
- Students' Organization for Liberation of Burma.
National League for Democracy(Liberated Area) Australia
Overseas National Students' Organisation of Burma
Seattle Burma Roundtable
The Burmese National Movement Comittee

December 10' 1997.