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06 December 1997

Starting from 06.11.97 battles have been raging on between the Burmese army
and the SURA ( Shan United Revolutionary Army ) in central Shan States.
Mong Kung, Lai Kha, Kunhing and Mong Hsu are areas where fierce fighting
habe been going on. The battles are fought with the Burmese army and the
break away group from SSNA ( Shan Ststes National Army ) - an informal
ceased fire group - which the Burmese named the anti-insurgency militia
group, on one side and the SURA and the larger part of the former
anti-insurgency militia troops that have switched their alliance to the
side of SURA.

It was reported that the Burmese military backed anti-insurgency militia
group headed by Kana and Agga is nearly collapse, due to the mass
defection. Last year, on 26.09.96 about 900 soldiers headed by Kana and Sai
Lar from the SSNA - informal ceased fire group - defected to the Burmese
military and was given the status of anti-insurgency militia to fight the
Shan resistance.

The SURA, under the command of Commander in chief Yord Suk launched an
offensive on the 06.11.97 with three columns namely : Hsokhanhpa, Khunsang
Toonhong and Khornzerng. The aims of the offensive are to cement unity
among the Shan revolutionary forces, to expand the military and
organizational territories, to heighten the defence and resistance
capabilities, to sharpen the military skill of the Shan troops, to expel
the occupation enemy forces, to tie down the enemy troops and to campaign
and organize the return of the fighting forces which are treading the wrong

Report coming from central Shan States reaching the S.H.A.N said that the
SSA, SSNA ( formal and informal ceased fire groups ), UNSSA ( United
Nationalities Shan States Army ) comprising of Lahu, Palaung, Pa-O, Shan,
and Wa are also joining the offensive. 

The Burmese army has dispatched 20 battalions to central Shan States to
counter the Shan offensive. These battalions and the anti-insurgency
militias are commiting all sorts of human rights abuses and confisticating
properties and foodstuffs of the population.