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News Release by KNU No.66/97

                    News Release by KNU No.66/97
     		Regarding the Onslaught of SPDC( formerly SLORC )


  Toungoo District

* The southern command commander General Yin Aye  has  issued  order that
the Karen
   village in Toungoo District are to be uprooted and completely
destroyed.On 10-10-97
   the SPDC troops LIB 707 and 708,led by tactical operation No(2)commander
   Thein Maung,had destroyed villages  in Hta-ta-pin township
   kee-daw-kaw, Shoo-ko, Thay-thu-dai,Ha-toe-pai,Tha 0-aye-kee and burnt
all the      
   houses, the churches and the burns belonged to the villagers.They took
away chicken,
   pigs,buffaloes,cows and shot at anybody on sight.They have also carried
out the same
   method of atrocities in Tha Daung township.

* On 14-11-97 LIB 708 has burnt down Ka-lay-kee village in Hta-ta-pin
townshipdestroying  30 houses and a church.

*  On 17-11-97 LIB 708  burnt  down  shoo-ko village.

*  On 18-11-97 Lt:Col.Thein Maung and LIB 708 battalion commander  Win Tun
arbitrarily  shot at the following villsgers who were hiding in the jungle
around Shoo-kee village.They were Saw Maw Rae (60),Saw Law Ba-kay (35),Saw
Maw Lay(40),Naw kai Mai(30),Saw khu Say Doe(6)and Naw PoSie(2).
* On 19-11-97 LIB 708 had shot the villagers of  Tha-aye-keevillage in
Hta-ta-pin township killing four persons,a man,a woman and two chileren.

* On 24-11-97 LIB 707 bttalion commander kyaw Hla Win had taken a buffalo
belongedto the people of Ha Toe Pai village in Hta-ta-pin township.On their
at Kaw Thay Dun village,they had slaughtered  the  buffalo, eat  large
portion of it and sold the remaining(35-pait tha) to the villagers.

* Currently, as the result of the SPDC  offensive,the Karen villages in
Mountainous area ofToungoo District have toface with variety of hardships
which they have never experienced before.The appointment of General Tin Aye
as a commander of Southern command saw the increase in destruction of the
Karen villages.

NOTE: Pait Tha ( System of weight scale commonly uses in Burma )
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