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NO.A0233(l)	 4th December 1997
(1)		National Convention Convening Commission Meets

		National Convention Convening Commission held its meeting at the commission
office on 3 December. Officials of committees concerned submitted reports on
the National Convention. NCCC members took part in discussions on the reports.
(2)		Increase in Value-added Wood-based Products Will Boost Forest 			Sector's

		Minister for Forestry U Aung Phone made an assessments on the suggestions
presented at a meeting to seek means to supply adequate raw materials to
private forest-based industries. Entrepreneurs should strive to boost
international standard forest-based products and to curtail wastage for the
nation to earn more foreign exchange and to help reduce raw material
requirement, he added. An objective has already been laid down to cease log
exports phase by phase and to raise production of value-added finished-goods
with the participation of the State sector, cooperatives, entrepreneurs and
joint-ventures, he pointed out. Means which practically meet the requirements
presented at this meeting will be applied to ensure adequate raw material
supplies to private factories, he said. Participants presented suggestions,
functions sectorwise, requirements and difficulties in manufacturing value-
added goods and in boosting exports.
(3)		Myanmar Computer and Electronics Fair '97 on 5-7 December

		The Myanmar Computer and Electronic Fair '97 sponsored by the Computer News
Bulletin will be held at the Traders Hotel Yangon from 5 to 7 December. Well-
known computer and electronics companies will take part in the fair which will
include promotional entertainment programmes. It will be open from 9 am to 5
pm daily.
(4)		Seminar on Prevention of Hepatitis B in Myanmar

		Seminar on Prevention of Hepatitis B in Myanmar and Development and
Properties of Recombinant hepatitis B Vaccine took place at the Medical
Research Department on 3 December. Fortune International Ltd Myanmar, and LG
Chemical Ltd, LG International Corp, Republic of Korea, jointly sponsored the
seminar with the permission of the Health Department. Professor Dr Khin Maung
Win, head of liver Unit of Yangon General Hospital, explained measures being
taken throughout the country for prevention of hepatitis B and Deputy General
Manager of LG Chemicals Ltd Dr Hyi Jeong Ji effect and worldwide distribution
of recombinant hepatitis B Vaccine Euvax B. They replied to questions raised
by those present.
(5)		Horticulture Show, competition on 16-28 Dec

		The horticulture show and competition of Myanma Agriculture Service, the
Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation will be held at Myaypadetha Garden,
Bahan Township. The exhibition is scheduled to open from 8 am to 5 pm daily
from 16-28 December and the competition from 16-18 December. 
(6)		PRC Writers Delegation Arrives

		A five-member writers delegation led by Honorary Member Mr Yang Yiyan of
Writers Association of the People's Republic of China arrived Yangon on 3
December under the cultural exchange programme between the two countries.

(A)		Minister for Energy U Khin Maung Thein received Managing Director of New
Japan Engineering Consultant (NEWJEC) Inc Mr Toshikazu Nomura at his office.

(B)		Minister for Electric Power Maj-Gen Tin Htut received Managing Director
of New Japan Engineering Consultant (NEWJEC) Inc of Japan Mr Toshikazu Nomura
and Chairman of YMEC Co of China Mr Lin Zai You and party at his office on
separate occasions.

(C)		Minister for Health Maj-Gen Ket Sein received Resident Representative 
Mr Sung Ho Chung of LG International Corporation of Korea and party at Medical
Research Department. Mr Sung Ho Chung and Managing Director U Mya Han of
Fortune International Ltd presented Euvax B vaccines for hepatitis B donated
by LG Chemicals Ltd and Fortune International Ltd to the minister.
		Terrorists Derailed A Passenger Train

		On 4th December at 1:45 am a passenger train from Mandalay was hit by a
terrorist mine near Nyaung-Lay-Pin Township. Due to the mine explosion the
engine and four passenger cars were derailed while (2) railway personnel and
(2) passengers were injured. Further investigation revealed that the 3rd
Brigade of the Kayin National Union (the last remaining belligerent outlawed
organization) were responsible for the action.
Drug Seizures Made Between November 11th 1997 to December 1st 1997.

		On separate occasions and locations in Eastern and North Eastern Shan States
a total of 40.114 kilos of Heroin, 167.230 kilos of Opium and 34620 
amphetamine tablets were seized by the anti-narcotic task force. A refinery
was also discovered and destroyed in Ta-Moe-Nye Township in North Eastern Shan
State after encountering skirmishes with a group of armed men in which two
were captured dead. There were 22.7 kilos of Heroin 3rd Grade, 7.7 kilos of
Brown Opium, various  chemicals and paraphernalia found in the refinery.
		Poppy fields Destroyed

		A total of 1004 acres in Theini, 108 acres in Kyaukme and 258 acres in Namtu
were destroyed jointly by the local authorities and local population between
November 6 to November 27, it is learnt.