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The Way We Work in The Revolution a

Dear Friends,

I want to propose a strong topic to be discussed for this week perhaps years . It is "Credibility of Newsgroups and Organizations."

Regularly we have been receiving news from India posted by sayagyi, FTUB and so forth.
They labeled their heading "News from India."

Why don't they post this time when a small and self-reliant student organization called All Burma Students League organized activities in the capital New Delhi and Indian newspapers reported in their dailies?   It has been a regular practice being exercised by FTUB and Dr. Tint Swe who called himself Sayagyi.  Their internet-connection and phone bills are paid for by some money of PD committee(NED fund). The computers were bought by the foreign funds. Nothing falls from the sky. 

What they have been doing now is news discrimination based on political egoism.
They usually black out the Indian newspapers' reporting on the democratic activities conducted by ABSL.
During 1995-97,  ABSL had organized more than 20 demonstrations and seminars which have been reported by Indian press.  None of them were cut and posted by those gentle men and true revolutionaries because they were done by ABSL.

Think about it.

It is time to talk about truth and face it with courage.

Now it's going to be ten years after the great 8888.  No more silence about unfair and unjust activities done in the name of revolution by anybody, NCGUB or NLD or ...  Our silence becomes a betrayal to the movement which fights for justice and truth when those people fail to mend their ways, and commit more of the unjustifiable organizing strategies, which weaken the revolutionary network among ourselves and our supporters, domestic and international.

It is about time to rebuild a new revolution with new perspectives and possibly with new bloods.

This proposal is also a response to Ko Kyaw Zay Ya's call for Dialogues and Actions Among New Generation of Burma.  I agree that A BiG Change is in Great Need now so that we can keep alive this tradition of democratic struggle set by our 8888 martyrs.

Silence about injustice and unfairness is not only intellectual cowardice but betrayal to truth. (Bertolt Brecht)

Kyaw Kyaw Htut
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> Subject: Re: News from India
> Date: Wednesday, December 03, 1997 12:20 AM
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> New Delhi December 2
> Members  of the All  Burma Students League  (ABSL) staged a
> demonstration  in  front of  the  Embassy of  Thailand this
> morning  to  register  their  protest  against  the  recent
> killings  of five  Karen refugees,   allegedly by  the Thai
> army.
> The  students also protested against the reported arrest of
> 20 Burmese dissidents by the army.
> The  refugees who had fled to Thailand were forced to do so
> because  of the  suffering and  torture perpetrated  by the
> Military  Junta in  Burma,  the  agitating students pointed
> out.
> The agitators appealed to the Government of Thailand not to
> support  the  military  Government  in  Burma.   Since  the
> Government  in Thailand is  democratically elected one,  it
> should  not support a regime  which survives and thrives on
> force.
> The  Burmese military regime instead  of ushering in an era
> of  economic development  in the country  is oppressing the
> people of Burma and perpetuating the evils of forced labour
> and drug trafficking, the students alleged.
> They  urged the Thai Government to think long term and stop
> co-operating with the military regime in Burma.
> News and Information Bureau, All Burma Students League
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