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NEWS- Passengers Wrestle Drunk to F

Passengers Wrestle Drunk to Floor as Plane Lands


               SINGAPORE, Dec 3 (Reuters) -
               Passengers wrestled an apparently drunk
               Burmese to the floor as he tried to haul the
               pilot of a Cathay Pacific jumbo out of his
               seat minutes before landing, a newspaper
               said on Wednesday. 

               The economy class passenger, who was
               not named, staggered upstairs with a
               bottle of whisky to the cockpit deck before
               landing in Bangkok, pushing aside three
               flight crew before grabbing the British
               pilot, the Straits Times said, quoting an
               airline spokeswoman. 

               Three business class passengers on the
               upper deck leapt in to help, the
               newspaper said. 

               Charles Adams, 58, a senior United
               Parcel Service (UPS) official based in
               Singapore, broke a wrist punching the
               Burmese as the passengers forced him to
               release the pilot and pinned him to the

               The inflight fracas happened on a flight
               from Singapore on November 25, the
               newspaper said. 

               It quoted the airline spokeswoman as
               saying the co-pilot had been in full control
               throughout and the Burmese passenger
               was arrested after the plane had landed

               Thai authorities told the newspaper the
               suspect was still being questioned on
               Tuesday in Bangkok. 

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