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Transfered Captain Kaung Zan Oo

Friend of Burma (Manipur)

Statement on transfered Captain Kaung Zan Oo
                                     2nd December 1997

The  Friends of Burma  (Manipur) is delighted  to note that
Captain  Kaung Zan Oo,  Chairman of Tamu township count has
finally  been transfered out form  the strategic posting on
the  Indo-Burma border  area.  This Captain  was a dictator
incarnate...   he claimed  himself to  be S-in..1,  thereby
abrogating  legislative,  judicial and  executive powers in
his  single person. The hard, sincere and concerted afforts
of  Manipuri  as  well  as  Burmese  democracy  forces  has
ultimately   been  bewared  by   the  replacement  of  this
dehumanized,   dictatorial  SLORC  Captain.  However,  till
latest reports.

He  has not handed  over power to  new arrival,  a military
major  whose identity  is not  known yet.   Facts about the
Captain  Kaung Zan Oo received  lately reveals the devilish
machinations  of the  man.  Inspite of  strong protest from
Tamu  based  traders and  legal  verdict against  him,  the
Captain  adamantly  went  ahead  with  the  construction of
ill-conceived  Namphalong market  complex near  Border Gate
No.2.   He did so because he  could act and control all the
activities   and  people  in  this  market  take  primitive

It  is  reported that  before  the construction  of market.
Captain  Kaung Zan Oo collected  various amounts as advance
form  Tamu  local traders  promising them  shop-plots after
contraction.  But once the market was constructed,  he kept
all  the strategically important and  good plots to himself
and  finally distributed them to  big traders form Mandalay
and  other  areas by  receiving bribery  of 15.000  to lakh
kyats  per plot. Thus, Tamu trading community was seriously
affected  and  precisely  for  this  reason  that  when the
Namphalong  market was burnt down,  they felt that they had
got noetic justice.

Another  report says that Captain Kaung Zan Oo had received
50  million  kyats  from  the  SLORC's  high  authority  to
sabotage   the  anti-drug  Satyagraha   programme  in  last
October.  In fact,  Captain Kaung Zan Oo had half-succeeded
in this plan by buying and bribing certain rested interests
on  the indian side.   These people could  only create some
minor  hurdies  but  ultimately  their  plan  was  defeated
because of the determination of Manipur's people, including
the strong support of AMSU and the different communities of
Moreh.  This feature of Captain is said to be a major cause
for his transfer. Though no definite evidence is available,
it  is also reported that he  was deeply hand in glove with
the   drug  mafia  operating   on  the  Indo-Burma  border.

Lastly, Friends of Burma (Manipur) taken note of the change
of command in the military junta. FOV feels that the change
of  name from  SLORC to  SPDC (State  peace and development
Council) is a farsical attempt of the junta to befool Burma
people and internation community.  What the military rulers
really  seem to want  is not real  democracy,  but cosmatic
democracy  under the  thumb of  junta boots  and guns.  FOB
feels  that only a meaningful,  genuinely honest and sincer
dialogue  between military  rulers and  the national league
for  demoncracy,  NLD under the leadership of Nobel laurate
AUNG  SAN  SUU  KYI  can bring  about  democracy  in Burma.

O.Joy Singh
Friends of Burma (Manipur)

News and Information Bureau, All Burma Students League

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